4th July Week in the US is a massive deal. It’s a national holiday so that means all coaches have a week off and can travel to wherever they want so long as they can get back in time. Coaches located in Sacramento tend to flock to places like Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego as all three can be driven to in less than a day or, if you have saved enough money, you can even catch a one hour flight. My advice would be to take the road trip option rather than the flight not only is it cheaper but it’s a great way see different parts of the country.
The week prior to the 4th July me and 3 other coaches decided that we were going to spend our time off in LA. I had visited there the previous year and loved it so I was all for making the 7 hour drive to the City of Angels! One thing I have really enjoyed during my time in the US is meeting coaches from different parts of the UK and getting to know them. Our road trip consisted of myself, two Irish coaches and, as luck would have it, a coach from England who had studied with LLS!
LA, like the year earlier, did not disappoint and as it was my second time I felt confident enough to help plan the trip knowing that I wanted to pack a lot in! The first day saw us take a 3 hour hike up Mount Lee to the world famous Hollywood sign were we sampled some incredible views. Later on that day we decided to visit the Stubhub Centre, home to both LA Galaxy and their new marquee signing Steven Gerrard whose familiar face was emblazoned on billboards across the city.
The stadium tour was superb as we were granted access to changing rooms, gym and pitch side and on my way out I even managed to catch a glimpse of the former Liverpool man as he passed me in his car. As an Evertonian Gerrard was never my favourite player but, I must admit, it was good to know I wasn’t the only scouser in La La Land!
Later that evening I attended my first baseball game which saw LA Angels host the New York Yankees. It was a brilliant experience especially to see a world famous team like the Yankees who, on the day, were defeated 2-1 by the Angels!
After a hectic few days it was time to chill out and relax and we did just that visiting some of the best beaches the US has to offer such as Santa Monica and Venice Beach. My personal favourite was Santa Monica with its brilliant Ferris wheel and relaxed atmosphere.
My advice to coaches on their first tour of the US would be to plan their 4th July week in advance thinking about where they want go, how they will get there and where they will sleep. Regardless of where you are in America there are always phenomenal locations close by so it is important you make the most of it.
After a fantastic break next week I am located just outside San Francisco at a place called San Rafael. I was near the Bay Area last year so I am really looking forward to returning.

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