Our aspiring coaches spent this last Wednesday coaching over 120 young primary school students on ‘Kids Day’ at the Liverpool Hope University International Tennis Tournament! The day itself precedes the main tournament based at Liverpool Cricket Club from 15th-18th June, with the final qualifications for the event acting as an exciting backdrop for all involved!
It was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to be involved with such a prestigious tournament, with tennis legends such as Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe having made appearances since it’s inauguration in 2002.
The aim of the day itself was to introduce the children to sports they may have never played before, and to raise the participation in sport across all age groups.
From handball to cricket to tag rugby and football, the children took part in a sporting carousel with a different sport set up at a series of ‘stations’ throughout the day. Our students were then positioned at each station, with the children rotating around to get a taste of a variety of drills and games.
Abigail Grant-Williams, the Schools Programme Co-ordinator for the event, said – ‘We couldn’t run the day so successfully without the support of LLS and their team of volunteers.’
The day gave our students another brilliant opportunity to get a rich coaching experience outside of the classroom, with coaches having to adapt to the different groups that arrive at their station. With students varying in age, ability and specific needs, our young coaches showed fantastic adaptability with each group they coached, and were a massive credit to LLS.
Second year student Callum Abel said ‘I loved doing it – we had a very productive day and the kids got a lot out of it!
Jack Ashcroft, first year student coach, said ‘All of the kids were lovely and seemed to enjoy themselves, and we as coaches benefitted as throughout the day we had to take on different roles during the sessions; from timekeeping, to setting up the session, to then delivering the session itself.’ He went on to joke ‘I also got a cracking tan!’
Whilst this was all going on, coaches and primary school pupils alike got to watch the final qualifying round for the weekend’s tennis tournament!
To round the day off, LLS Regional Director Warren Dutton commented ‘I was really proud of all the LLS students who coped with real life challenges in a considered and highly professional manner. They were more like P.E teachers than students.’
It was a great day out for all involved, which gave our students an incredibly valuable experience on their coaching journeys.
If you or anyone you know would be interested in having experiences such as this and begin your career in coaching, please give us a call on: 0151 294 3229 or alternatively email: yourfuture@llsonline.uk

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