Name: Andrew McCullough
Age: 17
School: Mercy College,  Belfast – Year 1
Andrew is the outstanding candidate this month in what is a very strong category. Andrew started the year in a supporting role but in recent weeks and months his organisation, maturity and willingness to improve has enabled him to move from the periphery to the centre stage. Although he has not had to wait as long to win a major award as the extremely talented but very unlucky Leonardo Di Caprio, there are many parallels between both. Andrew, like Leo got into his favoured pathway at a very young age and from the outset both decided on their careers and no matter what obstacles got in their way, they were destined for the top.
Andrew first came to the attention of LLS 12 months ago and since then he has held the belief that he will one day coach at the very highest level. Since September this belief has started to become a reality for Andrew and although there is still a long way to go, with each passing week Andrew is starting to show the credentials that will enable him to turn his dream into a reality. Andrew currently leads the session in one of our weekly After School Clubs and like Leo’s involvement in his first major film (The Basketball Diaries), tributes have been flying in from all those involved. Many of these include ‘ this young man has a great future ahead of him’, ‘his presence for someone so young is of the highest order’ and ‘what a great role model for all those young people learning from him’. These tributes are all deserved and it is a pleasure for tutors Victoria and Emmett to see Andrew progress from a quiet young man into a leading coach.
 The summer of 2017 in America is the next dream for Andrew and with the potential to coach and experience the lifestyle in many states along the West Coast, who knows who Andrew may bump into at Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. 

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