When LLS’ sixth form students were in Year 11, they probably never imagined this day would come; planning a coaching session which could change their life.
Following the success of the Global Coaches Conference at Hotel Football, many of our students met and registered their interest with overseas employers for paid jobs in countries such as the USA, Canada, Finland, Sri Lanka, China and Qatar. Now it was time to showcase their coaching ability at the practical assessment day…
St Francis Xavier’s College in Liverpool played host to LLS students from the North West of England and North Wales and as I’m sure you can imagine, there was a mixture of emotions; naturally, some Year 13 students felt nervous – others were really excited; all were fully prepared.
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Right from the start, the global employers were visibly impressed by the coaching talent on display. From LLS perspective, we were proud to not only see an excellent standard of coaching but also a fantastic work ethic and team effort when taking part in their peer’s sessions.
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Employer Feedback
Tony Carr MBE is the former Director of Youth Development at West Ham UTD and now in charge of recruiting multi-sports coaches for Shanghai Leaders in China. This is what he said to LLS students: ‘I’m very impressed with your work. I think you’ll all go a long way, I really do.’
Thaabit Ahmed the founder of Colombo based organisation TAFA currently employs LLS graduates to teach PE and coach football in Sri Lanka, this year he is planning to take on six more.
When chatting to Thaabit, he explained how he loves the fact LLS students have English coaching qualifications and at least a couple of years work experience. His advice to students had a real motivational message: ‘Keep believing in your dreams and keep going forwards’.
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Why LLS?
Tony Carr shared some complimentary words towards the Your Future sixth form course: ‘Overall I think it’s a terrific programme’, he said.
As LLS have become a trusted provider of quality coaches to employers worldwide, overseas pathways for graduates are growing annually, so too are the opportunities for paid apprenticeships in primary schools along with progression to university. As an organisation we continue to innovate whilst always placing huge emphasis on our winning formula of qualifications, work experience and professional networking.
We’d like to congratulate 100% of our students for passing their practical assessments and look forward to the Skype interviews to follow in the coming months.
If you’re in Year 11 and passionate about working in the world of sport, we would encourage you to apply to study with LLS on one of our life changing sixth form programmes. Register your interest today by clicking the link and sending your information to a member of our team: http://llsonline.uk/your-future/professional-coaching-course/
Who knows which countries you could be jetting off to in a few years from now!

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