The 4th of July in the calendar for most UK students probably signifies being one day closer to summer holidays and a sense of relief that there’ll be no more coursework deadlines in the months ahead.
For a group of LLS graduates coaching soccer in the USA this date will be one that becomes etched in their memories for years to come.
Challenger Sports are the largest employer of soccer coaches in North America and Canada who employ up to 1,000 coaches per year to deliver their summer camps across many popular United States. When American Independence Day comes around each year coaches are given a week’s ‘vacation’ and off they go on their travels.
Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago…
The list of ‘must see’ places in the USA goes on but where would you choose?
Jade Moore an 18-year-old student from Wirral in the North West of England had no doubts about where she wanted to tick off her bucket list; New York City.


Pictured here in Times Square, Jade enjoys soaking up the atmosphere in the ‘Big Apple’.

Despite only graduating from LLS Your Future sixth form programme in June 2017, this isn’t her first experience of coaching globally and it certainly won’t be the last. Earlier this year, Jade and her class mate Mollie raised funds to travel to South Africa for 10 days to teach sport to underprivileged children and this life changing experience certainly inspired her to see more of the world.
Molly and Jade at Lion’s Head Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

Mollie and Jade at Lion’s Head Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

Upon her return from the USA in September it’ll be a quick catch up with friends and family before flying on to Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo to start a 12-month contract teaching PE to children from the Elizabeth Moir International School and coaching football to the talented players of TAFA.
The team at LLS are incredibly proud of Jade and all other graduates this year who’re progressing to University, global destinations and apprenticeships but we’re also incredibly excited to welcome our newest recruits in September 2017.
Final places on this course remain available in the North West of England, Northern Ireland and Qatar; courses in Wales are now full. If you’re in Year 11 or have a child who is and would like to learn about our application process, simply email and a member of our student support team will contact you within 48 hours.

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