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This week has seen children ages 4-11 enjoy their week off school at LLS’ half term camps! Taking place in North Wales and South Liverpool at Flint High School and Gateacre School respectively, the young players enjoyed themselves whilst participating in a variety of sports.
The camps run every half term and are a great place for the children to interact with others from different school years. With the ages ranging from 4-11, it makes for a fantastic atmosphere, and we enjoyed superb weather this week at both camps to top it all off!
Children taking part in the football camp saw our coaches take them through their paces in a variety of drills as the days progressed. From dribbling and tricks and turns, to games of 1 v 1s and 2 v 2s to put their skills into practice. In amongst all of this, the children took part in some light-hearted games as a group, making it an interactive and jam packed day!
In addition, there were mini- tournaments at the conclusion of each day, which saw the young players split into teams and hopefully try some of the tricks and flicks they have learnt.
Eight year-old Zak Stevenson who attends St Paschal Baylon Catholic Primary School thoroughly enjoyed himself during his 3 day experience, twice being part of the team which won the football tournament. When asked which player he would compare himself to, he said ‘Steven Gerrard, but currently James Milner because he’s always on his toes and my Dad said you should always be on your toes.’ Well Zak must have been following his Dad’s advice because he had scored 16 goals by the end of day two! Well done Zak!


Zak’s favourite player – ‘Steven Gerrard, but currently James Milner because he’s always on his toes and my Dad said you should always be on your toes.

In our multi-sports camp, our coaches gave the children a taste of a wide range of sports which made for a fun-fuelled 3 days. Coach Andrew Dooley commented that ‘It’s great to see so many children of various ages participating and developing themselves in sports that they might not get to do on a day to day basis.’
They spent their time playing sports such as dodgeball, tennis, quick cricket and rounders, with a focus on developing fundamental movement skills such as balance, speed and agility. Fun games such as cone heads, stuck in the mud and splat help put these skills into practice whilst also introducing an element of competition.
Children enjoying a tennis game in our multi sports camp!

Children enjoying a tennis game in our multi sports camp!

Aimee Treasure, aged nine from Belle Vale Primary School said she thoroughly enjoyed the multi sports camp saying she ‘loved playing dodgeball, it was a lot of fun’, going on to say that she’d ‘love to play it again!’
At the end of all our camps, there is a closing ceremony which awards each child with a certificate congratulating them on completing the camp, with individual awards for star player, most improved and best attitude. It rounds the camp off nicely for the participants but also gives the parents a chance to see the fun that the children have had!
Parent Beccy Woodhall, whose son John, nine, has attended many of our half-term camps had a glowing review, saying that ‘John loves coming to the camps, and the only reason he would miss it is if we were on holiday! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone.’
Overall, the little ones had a brilliant time in a very enjoyable environment under the supervision of our excellent coaches. To round off, we’d like to say a big thank you to all the LLS staff and students who made the camps possible, and the parents for bringing their young boys and girls down for the fun!
Our next camp will be during the summer holidays, so if you are interested, or know anyone who is, please contact our team on: 0151 294  3229.
Many thanks,
The LLS Team.

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