Starting University is a big step for any student. There are many obstacles facing the future generation of our young professionals. Lifestyle changes, the hardships of work/life balance, even a change of address if you decide to leave home. Moving out is hard, moving to a different city, even harder. Former LLS coach, Martyn Sayer conquered both of these challenges. In fact, he went one step further enrolling at Shawnee State University (SSU) in Ohio, 7,000 miles away from his Liverpool home.

  • Name – Martyn Sayer
  • Education – Gateacre School, Liverpool
  • University – Shawnee State, Ohio
  • Grade -Third Year Student athlete
  • Degree – Business & Accountancy 
  • Sport – SSU Soccer Team Captain

No longer able to hop on public transport to reunite with his creature comforts, Martyn endures a 14 hour flight each time he returns to see his family and friends. During his annual winter break he stopped by LLS HQ to share his story with our latest crop of hopeful students wanting to follow in his international footsteps.
Dressed in his varsity training wear, Martyn spoke confidently about his transition into University life. Breezing through the usual answers to everyone’s initial questions about the weather, celebrity spotting and all you can eat diners, Martyn supplied snippets of information which had our young people on the edge of their seats.
Explaining his journey he stated, ‘First and foremost I qualified as a coach through LLS and I gained countless hours of voluntary and paid work experience in primary schools across the North West of England. This experience gave me the confidence to lead sessions anywhere in the world and also helped me with my own game as I was still playing.’
Martyn was scouted whilst representing his county football team and invited to apply for a full scholarship in the US. The Liverpool FC fan soon impressed the powers that be at SSU who were eager to recruit him.
‘It was a straightforward process and once I arrived in the US everyone made me feel very welcome. I am now in my third year at the University and I have loved every minute of it.’
In addition to Martyn’s SSU student status, he is also known as a student athlete. He is captain of the senior soccer team and is dedicated to a fitness regime that is keeping him at the top of his game. Being a student athlete is tough and dedication is certainly a key attribute you need if you are juggling your studies with sporting commitments. Martyn has represented the All Ohio team and also turned out for the Sincinetti Sounders, testament to his grit and desire.
MMS SSU2artyn trains three times per day, five days per week. This includes games against other University’s which can sometimes be a night bus away! ‘We travel a lot for games against other schools. It is great experience travelling to different places and testing yourself against other student athletes. They are experiences that will last a life time.’
Playing his matches in front of hundreds of supporters week in week out has become second nature to Martyn. He admitted that the attendance gates are slightly higher than those at University games in the UK.
Graduation is on the horizon for the talented singer who keeps his team mates entertained on long journeys across state. Looking to the future Martyn told our students he may well stay on in the US following his Business and Accountancy degree.
‘There is a possibility of studying further for a masters which is something I am definitely considering. I am enjoying all aspects of my studies and have recently started coaching at Greenup Middle School in Kentucky. Coaching has allowed me to make even more friends and contacts away from SSU. I am glad I gained so much experience back home in Liverpool.’
Martyn is one of many LLS students who have sampled the unique stateside lifestyle. His story is yet another example of what can be achieved when hard work and determination act as the ingredients making a recipe for success. His staying power is admirable and we look forward to him becoming our first overseas graduate in the Summer of 2016. Well done Martyn!
Jordan Wright, Managing Director
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