When Sam Wynne was 18, he never dreamed of running his own business.
Like many students finishing their A-levels, Sam was faced with the tough decision of what to do next; obvious choices included University or getting a full-time job, but he was unsure on both.
Sport was his passion and when seeking guidance on where to go after sixth form, Mrs McKeen the Careers Advisor at Holy Family Catholic High School in Thornton recommended a meeting with LLS.
Summer 2013; the start of an exciting journey
Following the success of the London 2012 Olympics, sport was at the forefront of everybody’s minds. The achievements of Team GB inspired a nation and more children were participating in multi-sports than ever before. This is when Sam met LLS and we knew he was a star of the future.
‘I’d love to coach in America’ he said when asked about his future aspirations. This happened less than 12 months later.
Two summers working in the USA gave Sam a real taste for working abroad and he’s become quite the global coach since having applied his skills in Finland and more recently Greece.
Promotion to the Premier League
It wasn’t long before more opportunities presented themselves, an apprenticeship working in Primary School’s as part of the Liverpool FC Foundation Skills and Drills programme would sound like a dream job for most 20-year old’s, maybe not so if you’re an avid Evertonian, like Sam. Never the less, he knew this would be a fantastic experience to add to his ever-growing CV.
Launching Something New
Since LLS was founded, innovation has been one of our core values. Coaching for toddlers is something parents have been asking for since we started, but we know it takes a special person to work with this age group.
When Little League, LLS story based sport programme was set to launch in October 2016 we had to select a coach who was experienced, had a diverse skill set, great personality and was trustworthy. Sam Wynne was the man for the job.
Six months on, Little League is being delivered in Nursery Schools during the week and at venues over the weekend, all in the capable hands of Sam.
Sam’s Future
At LLS, we believe in giving young people opportunities to fulfill their potential. Having got to know Sam very well in the past 4 years we have become a big fan of his work and trust him immensely. So much so, we are helping him to launch his own sports franchise…
In September 2017, Sam will become his own boss. LLS will provide full access to our Little League and Skills + Drills brands, as well as ongoing training and support. Our sixth form students will be able to work alongside Sam as his assistant coaches and we hope his story and experience will inspire the next generation of sports leaders.
If you’re in Year 13 and unsure what to do when you complete sixth form, why not study on LLS Gap Year programme like Sam did? Who knows where it could lead?
For more information, email YourFuture@llsonline.uk and a member of our student support team will be in touch within 48 hours.
Two year sixth form sports courses are also available to students in Years 11 and 12.   

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