We’ve all been there, scrolling Facebook and Instagram in the middle of winter, day dreaming about being somewhere bright and sunny.
Around 70% of the British population spend their hard earned cash on summer holidays and new adventures, but at LLS, we’ve got a winning formula which gives young people the chance to be paid to travel.
Coaching soccer in the USA has been a popular career step for many aspiring coaches over the years, in fact, 57 LLS graduates followed this pathway in the summer of 2016, with more to follow in 2017. However, the world is a big place and you can never have too many experiences; that’s why we hosted the Global Coaches Conference at Hotel Football in Manchester, England.
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Two hundred LLS sixth form students travelled in from far and wide to meet a host of top employers who came armed with stories from countries such as China, Sri Lanka, Finland and Qatar. As you can probably imagine, the atmosphere was electric; students soon began to picture themselves teaching PE to children in Shanghai or coaching football to academy players in Colombo. The best bit was yet to come…
The life changing offer
The dream was about to become a reality. LLS hadn’t flown these speakers in merely to inspire our students, it was much more than that. Year 12 and 13’s in attendance were about to be given the chance to apply for a paid job – working in these wonderful places. Contracts on offer ranged from two months in the Kisakallio Sports Institute, home to many of Finland’s top Olympic athletes, to teaching sports such as basketball, football, gymnastics and many more with Shanghai leaders for twelve months in China.
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Making it happen
Qualifications and weekly work experience. These were the two things each and every employer requested as a bare minimum. So for our students, it’s back to work with their tutors and coaching mentors ready for the Global Coaches Assessment day which we’ll tell you all about on Friday 10th February!

If you’re in Year 11 and passionate about working in the world of sport, we would encourage you to apply to study with LLS on one of our life changing sixth form programmes. Register your interest today by clicking the link and sending your information to a member of our team: http://llsonline.uk/your-future/professional-coaching-course/ Who knows, a few years from now, you too could be going global!

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