Things you might not know about Physiotherapy

When we spoke with Physiotherapists Dave Galley and Sharna Woodcock about their career journeys, we gained a real insight into what it takes to be a success in this sector.

Dave is the Head Physiotherapist at Plymouth Argyle Football Club; he has won a 2005 Champions League medal with Liverpool FC and has an U23 World Cup winning medal amongst his many achievements. Sharna owns two physiotherapy practices called Reform Physiotherapy; she has applied her practice at the 2012 Olympic Games as well as the British Masters World Championships.

Building Relationships

At LLS we emphasise the importance of building excellent relationships with people and making a good first impression. This message was added to by Sharna who said something very relevant to our students who study across England, Ireland, Wales and Qatar:

‘’Keep in contact with the people you learn with’’.

Utilising platforms such as WhatsApp and Instagram are not only a great way to keep in touch but also a good way stay up to date with the latest knowledge and information.

‘’Never burn any bridges’’ was a tip Dave shared. He went on to explain how many of the jobs he has had around the world have come from people he has either worked with or met previously.

When explaining how relationship building is vital in physiotherapy, Dave said first, ‘’you must become a good listener’’, when explaining how you start the process of building trust with your patients.


Both speakers now treat predominantly footballers and athletes – which is where many LLS students hope to work in the future, however, they have each spent time working in hospitals in the early stages of their careers. They agreed that if you want to become a good physiotherapist, you must gain experience in different settings.

Acknowledging that it can be difficult to access voluntary work experience in hospitals, Sharna said:

‘’you have got to be persistent – if one person says ‘no’, then don’t be afraid to go and ask somebody else’’.

Dave elaborated by reminding viewers that ‘’the body is the same all over the world, so if you get the chance to go and work abroad, go for it!’’, which we think is sound advice considering Dave has worked in countries including Abu Dhabi and Qatar, where he first met LLS.

Next Steps

If you are considering a career in sports therapy or physiotherapy and want to learn how LLS could support you with qualifications, work experience and access to our professional network of therapists, email and a member of our friendly student support team will contact you with information about sixth form sports courses available in your area.    

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